LOOMP - ‘Æg og tomat’

Listen to those things that we would say
we are æg og tomat, we are red, we are white
we are Danish Dynamite, we are here 2 rock u right,
and we know u gonna bust off with some scum that u want

But back 2 the shit, let me explain
we will burn the fuckin’ house down again and again
we will have some fun with some awesome scum
so take mighty ØL instead of Bacardi Rum

Yeah, we are red
Yeah, we are white
Yeah, we are Danish Dynamite
And from the bottom of our hearts
Yeah, we are æg, æg og tomat

Danmark’s finest oldskool is really here
the fantastic 5, a Chevy and some bottles of beer
people, get ready to be a loompanatic part
cause from the bottom of my heart,
we are æg, we are tomat

Æg – we are æg og tomat

(Repeat Chorus)