That sleazy lil’ Scum Rock Band from Denmark..
  .. has been around since ´99 and quickly after the formation of the band, they decided to play the most sleaziest, but honest scum rock man can create. Tracks such as ´Fuck you, baby´, ´Lucky Punch´, and ´Øldrinker´ are all unmistakable signatures of five guys dying daily, but having fun with it!
It´s very important for us to maintain a certain energy level with our music, and to meet higher lyrical standards´ reveals frontman and bassist Lumpy with a loud laugh and so LOOMP has received an almost cult alike status among the European scum rock scene as being one of the most skøllcrushing bands this continent has experienced.

And after an obscure sold out vinyl release, several bootlegs and the steamhammer debut ´Fruit of the LOOMP´, it´s now time for the real deal - ´Aloha from Planet LOOMP´!
Mølaf Munster, MC PØ, Lumpy Lowrider, Mads Almighty and Smørre Smoghunter simply take everything that is cool about sleazy rock´n´roll , cram it togehter and spit it out in an updated version that is very much their own. That goes for the killer track ´Burn da house down´, gritty rockers like ´Get outta my way´ over more laidback stuff like ´Bad Boyz Blues´.
All in all, the album consists of 12 very varied songs plus a coverversion of their hymn ´Øldrinker´ (performed by Seattle-based band Trepan!) and one is for sure, there is passion, scum and energy in every note!

Check back for details!