°69 Beavershot
°69 Charger
°Backyard Babies
°Blanche Davidian
°Bottles & Skulls
°Canibal Cow
°Demolition Doll Rods
°Five Horse Johnson
°Garage 13
°Immortal Lee County Killers
°King Ly Chee
°Lightning Beat-Man
°Low Budget Screamers
°Mean Idols
°Monster Magnet
°Psycho Charger
°Pussy Lovers
°Reverend Horton Heat
°Rocket From The Crypt
°Rockett Queen
°Rubber City Rebels
°The Boys
°The Chronics
°The Dictators
°The Dogshit Boys
°The Egyptian Gay Lovers
°The Exploding Fuck Dolls
°The Fleshtones
°The Ghosts
°The Homoos
°The Lucky Punch
°The Maggots
°The Mexican Blackbirds
°The Mutants
°The Peepshows
°The Prowlers
°The Swingin´ Neckbreakers
°Thee Ultra Bimboos
°Turbo ACs
°Vulture Culture

  °Brøndby IF
°FC København
°Hurup IF
°Blackburn Rovers
°Charlton Athletic
°FC Liverpool
°Manchester City
°Millwall FC
°Newcastle United
°FC Aberdeen
°Glasgow Rangers
°Go Ahead Eagles
°PSV Eindhoven
°1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig
°Hamburger SV
°Olympiakos Piraeus

  ° - Polish Punk Rock Portal
°Black Velvet - Music Magazine
°Bleeding hereos - Hardcore & Punk webzine en francais
°Bully Magazine - It's Cult!
°Carbon 14 - Art, Music, Smut & Wrestling
°Diggin' for dirt - Dirty music for dirty people
°DreMuFueStiAs - Kiel wie's kracht
°Eat This Garage - Duende ‘73
°Hell City - Rock ‘n’ Roll News from Australia
°Hellride Music - The home of the Heavy
°HIAMB - Head In A Milk Bottle
°LOGO-Magazine - The UK's #1 Free New Music Magazine
°LowCut Magazine - Rock Music Resource from Denmark
°Medazzarock - A cool site!
°MetalBite - Heavy Metal Magazine
°Metalprovider - The heaviest webspace you can get!
°Noise For Heroes - Music for Zeroes
°Pogo und Gegröle - HC, Oi!, Punk online Fanzine
° - A tribute to punkmusic
°Punkshit - Mødestedet for punx
°Punktastic - It's Punk. It's Fantastic. Work it out!
°Ram Ta Ta - Cologne Fanzine
°Sonic Dirt - Garage Punk ‘n’ Roll news
°Stoner Rock Chick - Brilliant Stoner Rock Zine
° - The verge of salvation
°The First Church of Holy Rock and Roll - Amen!
°The Rock Explosion - The house of electric warriors pleasure
°TikiNews - The coolest fanzine in the world
°Ugly Things - Ultimate Rock ‘n’ Roll zine
°Vampster - German Metal Mag
°You Got Rocked - Underground Rock ‘n’ Roll Resource Center

  °Box of Monsters - A cool monster fan site
°CBGB - Home of Underground Rock
° - Custom Car Zone
° - All about the King
°Grim Rides - It's hearse, not hurse!
°Grunnen Rocks - CD's suck, viva Vinyl!
°Hardradio - Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Radio
°Hot Rod Deluxe - Car Kulture Deluxe
°I-94 Bar - A virtual bar!
°IndieFan - The crossroads of independent music
°ISW - Incredibly Strange Wrestling
°Las Vegas Rockaround - A monsterous feast of Rock
°Miserable Meldodies - Actors who should never sing!
°RM Films - Russ Meyer stuff
°Road Zombies - Rod & Kustom Car Club
°The Hammer Graveyard - Hammer Horrors
°The Rawk - Real rawk for rawk people
°Turbojugend Deathbrueck - Join the army!
°Ultimate Evel Knievel - King of the daredevils
°Vollbehr - Events + Music
°WestWood Recording Studios - Pure Energy Productions

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