12/05 Tak!

From the bottom of their hearts, folks: The boyz are lucky boyz!!! Once again the band had a grrrrrrrreat year. The people who were involved know who they are and da LOOMP loves u all! Thanx!
By now LOOMP wanna wish u a sleazy but rockin' new year and hopes to see y'all again in 2006 - at least to drink some bottles of Øl!

10/05 New Video

Sorry for not having updated loomp.com for a whlie...but the boyz were busy in supporting the danish football team during the last weeks!
Sadly without success! FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany will happen without Danish Dynamite... at least concerning football. Fuck!
The LOOMPs' next outrage will be a new video for "Beautiful girls in a big blue car"! So be curious about hot chicks and a blue car - and the boyz performing as real actors!!!

09/05 Beautiful girls in a big blue car

The LOOMPs have had their first well deserved vacation since 1999 this summer, being busy doin' nothing... but that's about to change now!!!
You are cordially invited to download another new songmonster:
"Beautiful girls in a big blue car" !
... with friendly support from the legendary Nasty Little Shithorns and MC Cutheta.
Check it out! NOW!!!

06/05 Go little Suzie

After touring Germany in Spring to promote "Aloha...", the boys are currently writiing a few new tracks!!!
One of them, "Go litte Suzie", has been recorded this month - so listen to this brandnew free mp3 from da LOOMP!!! Go!!!

05/05 Last chance for FCK

The battle of København, last edition this season, was set to play on Monday 16th May at Brøndby Stadium!
Lumpy sayz "Cheerz!"...

04/05 FC København vs. Brøndby IF 3 : 0

It was derby time again on Sunday 10th April!!!
While it has been only a small step up for FCK (Mads and Mølaf), it has certainly been a symbolic one!!! Guess it was a sad day for Lumpy's Brøndby IF...

03/05 LOOMP on BFBS again

If you like rock you'll love the Worldwide Rock Show presented by legendary Kal Sutherland!
And if you love LOOMP you better listen BFBS Radio One on sunday, 13th, sunday, 20th and sunday, 3rd! HAVE FUN!!!

02/05 "Aloha from Planet LOOMP" out now!!!

We are proud to introduce our second album!
After an obscure sold out vinyl release, several bootlegs and the steamhammer debut "Fruit of the LOOMP", it's now time for the real deal!!!
Get your "Aloha from Planet LOOMP" right here ...AND HAVE FUN!!!

01/05 New Merchandise

The LOOMPs are glad to announce our latest in merchandise, the LOOMP scarf!!!
It will be available for sale on Feb., 1st. This is a limited edition only, so order now!!!
It costs only 12 EUROs - delivery inclusive!!!
Get it!!!

12/04 It´s done!

ALOHA from the recording studio!!! All the work is done and we can´t believe it´s all outta us...thank fuck! And some time in February, whereever u are, you´ll hear it coming out of the speakers of your Vauxhall Corsas...
so people from Mother Earth - be prepared...

11/04 New video "Burn da house down"

"BANG BOOM" - The LOOMPs just shot a video for "Burn da house down" with director Luke Trugerson. Again you´ll see the guys performing in absurd situations - but finally burnin´ da fuckin´ house down...
Stay tuned for more details...

10/04 New album

Yes, it's TRUE!!! The LOOMPs are working on a new longplayer called "ALOHA FROM PLANET LOOMP (via satellite)"! Be prepared for another bunch of unbelievable scum rock hymns such as "Hello/Goodbye", "Get outta my way" and "Skaraoke"!!!
Check back for further details...

08/04 New tour pics online

Oh yeah, and in case you haven't noticed, we added a bunch of new live/life-shots to the galleries!!! Check'em out - and get impressions what's going on around the stage...

07/04 LOOMP on BFBS

There are many thoughts on how one gets airplay. The best advice is to make a really cool song!!! LOOMP Ska appears on Kal Sutherland's Wordwide Rockshow on BFBS Radio 1 next Thursday night at 1 am...

06/04 Transatlantic Rock'n'Roll friendship

We still can't believe it!!! Our brothers in Rock, TREPAN from Seattle, WA., recorded a fantastic coverversion of ‘Øldrinker’! Check out their tribute to LOOMP's Scum Rock hymn - and visit them on trepan.net!
These guys rock majorly - we love'em!!!

06/04 Mølaf's Nightmare (Part I)

German LOOMP-friend Sigrid Kaiser painted a fabulous comic strip about Mølaf bringing some Øl to its final destination place! You better load it down and look for some funny details!!!
To be continued...

04/04 Gallery reloaded

Hey Gang, it's time for another belated LOOMP website update! Head on over to the Gallery to see some new live-pics of the boys!!!
And please feel free to check out the ultimate Planet LOOMP collection...

04/04 Wow!!!

Both, Tätowier-Magazin and Tattoo Spirit present a feature about the LOOMPs in their current edition! So dig the mags and enjoy the guys while having your next ink session!!!

03/04 ‘Øldrinker’ - Video online!

Check out the ultimate ‘Øldrinker’ - Video !!!
Watch Mølaf and Lumpy on their way to get the special beer...
And be prepared for the first shows in Germany!

03/04 Brothers in Rock II

Another breaking news concerning our brohters in rock, Trepan, from Seattle, Wa.! Kevin "The Voice" is getting married these days, and of course the whole LOOMP-Movement wishes his wife all the best!!! Rock on!!!

02/04 Brothers in Rock I

Attention please! We thought we'd let you know about the new website of our brothers in Rock, Blanche Davidian from Phoenix, Arizona!
Check these freaks out - they're great!!!

01/04 New merchandise stuff

New LOOMP merchandise stuff is available for purchase now! WestWood Motors has our 70´s Retro Shirt, Longsleeves and Polo shirts.
More stuff will be added soon. Check it out!

12/03 Fruit of the LOOMP

"Fruit of the LOOMP" is mixed & ready to go!
Do yourself a favour and check out the studio report...
The album is the freakin' Sgt. Peppers of Scum Rock - you got your neckbreaking bang-offs, your burning bøøgie twangers, your weird-ass Øldrinker music, your skøllcrushing death marches, and your 3-minute hangover epics! Something for everyone to love...we swear!!!

11/03 LOOMP feat. MC PØ

Danish Underground Rapper MC PØ joins the LOOMP-Movement!!! He performs on "Bøøgie Wøøgie" and "It's my way" - both tracks appearing on the forthcoming album! Be sure to get some real hotspittin' bars...

We shot the video on October 4 in Brøndby and it has been a great time! Some pics of the clip will be added in the gallery soon. Now, the band is back in the rehearsal room, still pounding out new songs as they come along…

… a video clip will be done in October! Expect
everything while watching Lumpy and Mølaf
on their way to get some ‘ØL’…

‘ØLDRINKER’ has been done in five hours at WestWood Recording Studios, Germany – and it’s a call to arms for rock and roll lovers everywhere! So go again to the Music-section and download Øldrinker-mp3! By the way: we will do a videoclip of this track!
07/03 ‘ØLDRINKER’ (Part 2)
Surprise, surprise! Mølaf and Lumpy decided to re-record the legendary 7”-titletrack! A preproduction of ‘ØLDRINKER’ will be available right here in august and, of course, the song will appear on the full-length album in winter! Skøll, dudes!


06/03 LOOMP on TV
Some dude is wearing a LOOMP T-shirt in a commercial for MTV’s “Dismissed”!. Who’s that?!


LOOMP will eventually sign a new album contract with german label WestWood Motors! So lots of shit has to be done in the next few months to prepare the long-awaited “Fruit of the LOOMP” -LP…Check back soon!


Hello and welcome to our brand new LOOMP web site!
There are some new features on it, some of them are up and running and some of them ain't quite done yet but it's on the way...
So enjoy what’s here and check in later for more shit!


03/03 Fuck you alive
For you freaks who can’t wait to enjoy some of the EP-stuff it will be a gas to go the Music-section and download the Fuck-you-alive-mp3!
This track was recorded live in London last year and is an unfuckingmistakable hint what you can expect in future...



A bunch of new songs are written and getting rehearsed. Seems like the best collection of tunes that we ever have had!


Lately a few LOOMP-bootlegs have been offered for sale on several festivals. Those records are made by mean bastards who just want to make money off the band and its fans! We urge you to crush their skolls whenever you see them...


Rumours says Helle Hellcat from Danish punk rock explosion ‘The Burnouts’ has got hold of a copy of ‘ØLDRINKER’. Well done, mate!


The very last copy of the legendary LOOMP debut 7” has been sold to a scumdog somewhere in London! But don’t panic! We have started writing some new tracks for the next record, with a couple of tasty lyrics as well!