LOOMP - ‘Can´t hold us down’

Here we are and we go through this dark cold world
So much against us, so many bullshit heard
Everybody starts to hate for some fame
All that u want is see us down in the rain
Shut the fuck up, I run over u like a fuckin`train

U cant hold us down, believe me, u cant hold us down

U cant hold us down, u be a baby and start 2 cry
A whole river would run in tears through your eye
U standing with the back to the wall and start to lie
Watch out man, stupid things let stupid people die

U can’t hold us down

Now it’s u and me in a dark lonely room
U stand there with fear in your eyes, don’t know what to do
Let me do a pillow on your face and push it hard hard down
This shit happens when u push me to my limits, and I loose my ground

(Repeat Chorus)


(Repeat Chorus)