LOOMP - ‘Boys & Girls’

It aint ova till the fat man sings!
U know exactly what I want when I tell you sum things!
We are the number one here, from the red LOOMP Planet!
U can't stop us but the shit u are talk about really fucks up!
Here we are now, u don't have no fear,
sit betta down and enjoy your ice cold beer!
LOOMP rocks this shit straight up, and right here! Are u ready for this party, scream uuh-uuh and enjoy your beer!

Uuh-uuh-Boys & girls, are you ready to rawk?
Uuh-uuh-we know for shure u don't wanna stop
Uuh-uuh-we are here to rock u right
Uuh-uuh-Planet LOOMp and you see the light!

I know everybody and everybody knows me
I'm MC PØ from the LOOMP and I let your nose bleed!
The boys are here for real and we don't go
Denmarks finest Scum Rock BASSTARDS are ready to rock the show!
And now's your turn to show me u are a true believer
Shake your ass, your cold becks, or your scum beaver!

(Repeat Chorus)

Doctor Met from outer space

(Repeat Chorus)