LOOMP - ‘Bøøgie Wøøgie’

° lyrics written by MC PØ exclusively for

Let me tell U about party down here
We don't need chill out and we don't need no Light beer
It's our danish lifestyle - LOOMP own -
and everybody down here
needs it and loves it
Because we are all in the mood for fun
Come on, grab your girl, your Øl
and fly to the sun

Dance to it, slam to it, fuck to it, live to it
Dream about it, need it, you'll love it?!

We give you what you want - Bøøgie Wøøgie
We give you what you need - Bøøgie Wøøgie
We party down hard till the sun comes up
and everybody stops!

Here we are back again in a party mood
and I know that we do it really good
LOOMP would neva stop from this day on
Come, cheer on us, give us a drink
and rock on
to the early morn until we go up to the
heavenly dome
or the pope call up holy in an cathedral in

Scream for it, die for it, burn for it, go for it
Drink for it, lick on it, come on
I know you enjoy it!

(Repeat Chorus)

U like it?! Ey yo, malakkas, let's go


(Repeat Chorus)